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VSV  MarySlim


Length overall:

Length waterline:

Beam overall:


Weight lightship:


Berth cabins:






15 tonnes






Auxiliary power:

Top speed:

Cruise speed:


Fuel capacity:

RCD cat:

V12, 32 litre, 1650hp C32 Caterpillar

Rolls Royce KaMeWa FF 550 water jet

KiteShip kite

43 knots

25-30 knots

1,800 nm

12 tonnes


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Quote by Adrian Thompson


VSV Sea Trials

A quote by Adrian Thompson @ the Launch of MarySlim


“It’s been beautifully built by the way; I want that put on record because that’s important … I’ve had no grief at all [working with Multimarine] I mean it’s been fantastic … they’ve done a superb job. I think they’re probably – I know Darren is standing there – but they’re the only yard in the UK that could have done this. If you’d gone to a more, I can’t say established yard, but a bigger company they wouldn’t have been able to … react to the … owner’s requirements and build the bit of kit that he wants … And it’s obviously a very cost effective process ... You’re the guys … [who] know how to build a semicircular sink but you don’t spend £5,000 on a mould, [you] mould it off a fender … which is fantastic.”


Adrian Thompson being interviewed at the launch of the VSV MarySlim, built by Multimarine, at her launch in March 2007

﷯Military In 1999 the Special Boat Squadron, Britain's marine special forces unit, acquired a VSV (Very Slender Vessel). It can go faster than any other ocean-going fast pursuit vessel in the world. It is capable of speeds of more than 60 knots, is 53 feet long and cylindrical, with a 10 foot cross-section so it can punch straight through waves rather than go through the top of them. VSV™ hulls have lower overall power requirements than comparable Deep 'V' planing hulls. This leads to reduced engine size and increased range. Traditional Deep 'V' hulls have two modes of operation, low speed displacement mode and a high speed planing mode. The vessel may operate only at displacement speed or planing speed. The VSV™ hull, by contrast, exhibits no discernible planing 'hump'. The vessel can maintain any speed within its performance envelope, returning full command to the driver. When traditional Deep 'V' boats travel at speed in rough conditions, they jump from wave to wave and land with high vertical acceleration or 'g' force. As the speed of the vessel increases or the sea gets rougher, the 'g' force on landing increases. Peak readings regularly exceed 20g which is sufficient to cause injury to the personnel and damage to the vessel and its equipment. Deep 'V' hulls are the traditional solution for travelling at high speeds offshore. By their nature they are planing craft and spend their time on the surface of the water. They are therefore, on occasion, subject to extreme vertical accelerations created by waves. Wave piercers are not completely novel as designers have been developing slim sharp fronted boats for years that are encouraged to cut through the waves rather than bouncing over them. The VSV™ applies these principles to high-speed patrol vessels to enable crews to travel at high speeds in adverse sea conditions in relative comfort and safety.

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