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Welcome to Multimarine Composites Ltd.

Multimarine Composites Ltd has become one of the leading manufacturers of Catamarans, multihulls and custom yachts and power boats based Cornwall in the UK.

Since 1988 Multimarine Composites Ltd has built a variety of different vessels and produ≠cts over the years: the Dazcat range of catamarans; Kenneth Ryland’s Davit Crane (which won the METS Dame award for best marine product in the world); James Wharram’s new Tiki 8m; the very successful Cougar power boats; and various one off projects including our flagship Catamaran the Impossible Dream, which was named a technical showpiece for offshore sailing by Matthew Sheahan in Yachting World and our latest flagship monohull project, aV power boat called MarySlim.

Most of our boat builders and engineers are also experienced sailors, who understand the high level quality and performance required from our boats and products, having themselves raced and cruised in all weather and sea conditions. Their expertise has helped our clients win races and cruise the world in enviable luxury.
Since our beginning in 1998, Multimarine Composites Ltd has gone from strength to strength.
If you know what you want but haven’t been able to find it come to us - we relish working with owners, designers and companies to make dreams come true.

We hope you enjoy looking around the site, and if Multimarine can help don’t hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Darren Newton